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Last Updated on January 12, 2024

Some people say there are no easier casino games to play than a slot game, even if it’s your first time stepping into a online casino. In fact, the first thing you see besides the security guard at any casino in the world will be slot games. They are the most popular and the most profitable games for all casinos, typically covering at least 70% of a casino’s revenue or even higher.

However, have you thought about how these simple online slot game generate the symbols? Is it completely random? Is there anything you need to understand before making a bet? If you love to play slot games, this article is going to be a must-read, in which we will give you a comprehensive introduction to slot machines and help you understand how to get the most out of them.

But let’s start to show you where to play in a best possible and secure environment! 🏆

Best Slot game Online casino Malaysia

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22BET Casino

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How to play slot games online? 🎰

Slot games are played by using buttons, or more specifically nowadays, touch screens to activate the controls. You may use cash, coin, token or other forms of payment like a ticket in-ticket out method to initiate. 

Normally there are multiple reels with different theme symbols involved, by spinning the reels, the end combinations of the symbols will decide if you win or not. A prize or free spin(s) will be added to your balance upon winning.

Bonuses and free spins as a form of reward increase more possibilities of generating real money winnings by the given free rounds. Besides the regular themed symbols, there are also other commonly seen symbols such as the wild symbol, it may replace any symbol needed to win when found. The scatter symbol, which triggers wins, free credit bonuses or free spins, is also another common symbol to keep an eye out for.

⚙️ How to know the paylines of each slot game?

Sometimes even when you win when spinning the reels, due to the complexity of the modern video slot machines, you might not even know why. It sounds silly, but we’ve seen many players aimlessly spin the reels just waiting for the flashing “WIN!” sign to pop up, rather than understanding what’s happening.

To prevent this confusing situation from occurring, players need to learn about a game, more importantly, it’s always best to check the paytable before starting a game. For more dated slot machines, paytables are usually located on the body, either on top or below the screens. For modern video slot machines, paytables are normally located at the help menu on the screen.

Paytables contain a detailed explanation of the rules, prizes, bonuses, free spins, and the credits for each winning line. By taking a look at the paytable prior to starting a game, it definitely helps to grasp a general idea about how many winning lines it has and what are the particular functions of the game to be aware of. 

You might say it doesn’t matter to understand the paytable details, if I win that’s good, if I lose, that’s bad luck, however, simply because many people choose not to look at it, casinos take advantage of your ignorance. They are always there to profit as much as possible and by not reading the paytable you are simply playing into their hands.

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💰 How to win at slot games? Is the result completely random?

There is a possible way to increase the winning odds of a traditional reel slot machine’s jackpots, that is to wager the maximum coins possible on every spin. Think of it as a case of the more you put in the more you get out. However, to win a video slot machine’s jackpot it’s a bit more complicated, as the winning value was previously programmed, and the payouts are calculated by multiplying the coins of each bet line. 

Modern slot machines are programmed by a computer algorithm instead of the metal lever. The result can be one of hundreds or even thousands of paylines. Based on the pre-defined sum for each payline, players will be awarded accordingly. However, certain games are designed to have better payout rates, if you know which are these games, you naturally have better “luck”, for the lack of a better term.

📈 Do certain slot games payout more than others?

In any online casino Malaysia, you can see a great variety of slot machines, consequently choosing a good or lucky slot machine can be difficult. Many people end up choosing based upon the theme of the game, or simply the mood of the day. That being said, it’s the winning games that have the most pull, let us explain why.

Sometimes you find out someone has been winning rather a lot from one designated machine, is it a temporary breakdown or that machine tends to pay out more? In fact, it’s true that some games are designed to have higher payouts than others, meaning these games are easier to win from than others that have lower payout rates.

In general, progressive jackpot slots games have higher payout rates. Thus, if you know the top games fall under this category and only focus on them in a casino, your winning chance will dramatically increase. The payout rate or RTP (return to player) of a game can be easily checked online, for example: the famous Cleopatra slot has an RTP of 95%, The Gold Fish and Lucky Leprechaun slots have around 96% RTP; The Buffalo and Wheel of Fortune games have about 94%.

Pay attention to these top games (among others) and keep a close eye on the RTP to discover a slot games true value.

🤯 Your Guide to EVERY Type of Slot Game online!

Slot machines are an exciting way to have fun, take chances, and maybe win some money. If you’re looking to get your hands on all that a slot machine has to offer, though, it’s important to understand what’s available. No matter whether you’re playing at a casino in Las Vegas, or online from your own living room, you’re going to see a diverse environment full of appealing games.

When you enter the world of online slots from Pragmatic Play, Nextspin or Playtech, one thing you’re going to face is choice, as there are literally thousands of games out there. We won’t blame you if you feel a little overwhelmed. To make the task of taking on the world of online slots a little easier, we’ve put together an article covering all the different types of slot machines that you’ll see in casinos today.

Ready to get a first-class slots education? Have your pen and paper handy, as we’re about to reveal all about what happens on the reels.

1️⃣ Where it All Began: 3-Reel Classic Slots

classic slot game online

Also known as classic slots, 3-reel slots got their start at the turn of the 20th century in 1899. They’ve retained their popularity over the years, mostly due to the simple mechanics that are easy to understand. That said, the traditional classic slot machine is built with an intricate system of wheels with anywhere from 10 to 32 symbols, or “stops.” Online slots don’t have the restrictions of their physical cousins, so they can simply be programmed with many, many more stops on the reels. 

Of course, the number of stops on a reel will affect your odds and the payout you receive should you win. More stops mean higher odds, and the less chances you have of winning. Players can press a button on the machine, or pull a lever that’s to the side, which will begin the game. This is where the one-armed bandit nickname comes from if you weren’t already away. You might recognize the reel from many casino movies over the years – it’s a distinctive part of slot machines. The reels will spin, and if three of the same symbols manage to line up, you’ve just won! 

As time has gone on, we’ve seen more than the 3-reel slots emerge and steal the casino spotlight, like the five reel and even machines with seven reels. Ultimately, the number of reels doesn’t matter – they keep all of the same principles as the classic 3-reel, but do offer a little more excitement and variety. The big draw to more reels is that wins are more challenging to get over all, so more reels tend to have bigger payouts and jackpots.

In a world where slots are seen as a form of 21st century entertainment, 3-reel slots tend to take the back seat. But, if you are ever in the mood for something classic or carrying an old school feel, 3-reel slots have just the type of action you are looking for.

3-Reel Slot Game Cheat Sheet:

2️⃣ More Lines, More Fun: Multi-Payline Slots

multi payline slot games

When classic slots first appeared, they had only a single payline. This means that there was only one chance to win – three of the same symbol across the one line. Now, it’s much more common to see a 5-reel game with many paylines and chances to win. Multi-line games let you wager on just one line, or more, up to 20 lines.

Wagering on one line is usually the middle line, like in classic slots. When there are more lines in the game, you can make a pattern out of multiple symbols in different lines. For example, a game with 20 paylines will have better chances of winning, because you can win in so many different places. However, it will more than likely cost you more as well.

Sometimes, odds in multi-line slots games can be improved even further by wagering more credits per line. We admit, multi-line games can be busy and complex, which can overwhelm a lot of players new to slots games. However, patience and a little extra bit of focus can go a long way, and can definitely pay.

5-reel slots (don’t forget 7-reel slots either) might up the difficulty, but they also up the entertainment. Players will certainly find these games to be very engaging, with the various themes and game types available sure to put you on the edge of your seat. Multi-line slots are action-packed more often than not and might just represent the best bang for buck that an online casino is able to offer.

Multi-Reel Slots Cheat Sheet:

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3️⃣ The Power of the People: Progressive Slots

progressive jackpot slot

On the heels of video slots rising to stardom, casinos began seeing their first progressive slots game projects reach fruition. Progressive slots are based on a community pool – the more people play; the bigger the slot’s jackpot gets. When someone lands a jackpot, they take home a much bigger payout.

At first, the progressive jackpot was only available on single machines. Soon, though, casinos figured out that they could actually link slot machines together, so the cumulative jackpot became much bigger. All the slot machines in a single casino could be linked together, so that the jackpot grew every time anyone played any slot at that location. They even found that they could link machines over more than one location, even going so far as to linking machines together nationally.

Slots really became popular when taken as kind of a lottery with progressive jackpots. Now, online casinos have massive jackpots, thanks to being able to link thousands of games across the entire world. Linking jackpots allows casinos, both physical and online, to accumulate life-changing jackpots that number in the multi-millions.

You can’t overlook the presence that progressive jackpot slots have in today’s booming online casino world, along with what they have done for players looking to strike it rich. These games make millionaires regularly, as the jackpots up for grabs are nothing short of dream making. Recording breaking paydays are common, as recent years players have won, 10 million, 20 million, and 30 million dollars or more spinning the reels of the world’s biggest progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Game Cheat Sheet:

4️⃣ Enter a Different Dimension: 3D Slot Games

3D Slot Game Malaysia

Slot machine creators needed to keep people interested in slots by innovating as much as they can. They have recently introduced a three-dimensional element to slots, including 3D characters, as well as narratives within the games. Thanks to modern technology, creating these slots is easier. This is a double-edged sword, as content can easily be produced but the ease results in more competition. Designers are consistently having to push the limits of their creativity; some even push the limits of what lower-end PCs and web-browsers are capable of handling.

As a player, you’ve probably seen online slots that have symbols that are animated, and move as you play. You’ve probably also seen cartoon characters in the games, as well as slots games based on many different films or tv shows. These days you can find a 3D slot in every genre, from romance to adventure and so much more. 3D slots have become versions of video games in their own right and the developers behind them are certainly worthy of the praise they receive.

The developers of slots games have even come up with characters or storylines that have been influential in their own right. Larger, reputable companies will have the biggest budgets, so you’re likely to see slots games from names you recognize, with high quality 3D games and big production values. This is very favorable to the player – with any kind of gambling, the safer option is always the most established and trustworthy site.

3D slots come in all different shapes and sizes, and if we’re being honest, they aren’t really known for their prize power. Instead, these games are often all about the fun-factor, using familiar themes and video game tropes, they are able to rope in players on a mass scale. 3D slots have become an online casino powerhouse, so it’s no shock to see millions of players spin their reels around the world every single day.

3D Slot Game Cheat Sheet:

5️⃣ Time to Level Up: RPG Slot Games Online

RPG online slot games

Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a brand-new type of online slot that tears up the rule book. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen it all, but RPG slots could just be giving us a glimpse into the future of online slots play. The term RPG stands for role playing game and is a standard video game terminology.

Taking the slot machine concept and cranking it up several notches, what these games focus on is the concept of progression and levelling up. Each game is different, each carries a dedicated theme, and with an impressive array of features to match. For those out there that have grown tired of the usual online slots play, RPG slots present the solution, and it’s an entertaining one at that.

As said, the progression system in an RPG slot is crucial, as to reach the game’s true jackpot you’ll need to push past each level or stage. For each stage you spin your way through, you’ll receive small cash prizes and bonuses, with the idea that this will keep you pushing on to try and win the game’s bigger prizes. Some RPG slots even slide in small mini-games to spice up the action, with these usually triggered by unique in-game events.

Each RPG online slot has a beginning, middle, and end, with the idea that the player has a story or journey to complete. This approach alone, a slot with a plot, is something special, which is why these types of games are quickly finding an audience. Think video games meet online slots and you probably have a fair idea of what an RPG slot is bringing to the table.

Being honest, RPG slots are in their very early days, so we won’t see the true peak of what they are capable of for a few years at least. That being said, we fully expect RPG slots to become the norm given time, as the entertainment factor is simply too big, too powerful, and too fun to ignore.

RPG Slots Cheat Sheet:

📝 Bottom Line: Play Slot Game Online Malaysia?

Still with us? We’re glad you are, as you’re now clued-up on what slots you’ll find next time you visit an online casino. Slot games have a long backstory, some of which isn’t always pretty. But there is no denying that they’ve emerged as a premier form of entertainment in the 21st century. Through various different themes, prizes, reel numbers, and setups, an online slot game has the power to deliver endless hours of luck-based fun that other casino games just can’t match.

While we would always recommend that players with a competitive streak turn their hands towards the card games (like live baccarat) of the world, casual players are sure to find plenty to enjoy about the thousands upon thousands of slot games available to play these days. So, armed with this basic slot game knowledge, it’s time to head out there and start spinning, and who knows, your luck might just be in.


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