Progressive Jackpot Slots Malaysia? Here’s all you need to know!

November 28, 2022
Progressive Jackpot Slots Malaysia

Ever wondered what it would be like to win a life changing sum of money? Whether you make a trip to the casino or sit down in your living room and tap your phone screen; winning a huge progressive  jackpot is a dream many people share. 

Every now and again the news pops up with the classic tale: a young couple struggling to get a home win a jackpot and boom, they paid off a mansion immediately. Perhaps an elderly couple who dedicated their lives to helping others can finally retire in luxury. Whether we want to or not, we all look at those articles with a sprinkle of envy. How could you possibly not? A jackpot of a few million would set anyone up for a good life.

The reality is that such big wins are made possible by progressive jackpot slots rather than the regular slot games you see scattered around the place. The difference between the two game types is simple, a progressive jackpot is a pot of money that keeps growing to an absurd amount; a regular jackpot is a set amount of money that can be won. 

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What’s all the fuss about?

Progressive jackpots are becoming a huge part of the gambling world – and when we say huge we really do mean HUGE. For the casinos or sites responsible for the win it means a huge influx in interest as newspapers and social media take off, with other players asking ‘where did they win this money?’. The extra players for that casino could also mean bigger wins as more people are putting their money in to play. For the winner… well, that is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Progressive jackpot slots are also easier to win at than you might think, although we’re not going to say that it’s a common thing. If you’re looking to change your life overnight, definitely try your luck with progressive jackpot slot over regular slot games, as there is just so much more winning potential.

Land-based vs online

We’ve looked at the fuss surrounding online progressive jackpot slots, so how about physical land-based casinos? In this case the progressive jackpot works in a way that all machines are linked to each other and the jackpot price grows as more people play the machines. An even more alluring factor about this is that progressive jackpots like that hardly ever have a cap on them; so until someone wins, that number will grow and grow and grow.

No one is behind the progressive jackpot system; the whole thing is taken care of by a random number generator so the odds of winning are equal for everyone. What this means is after a spin, a random set of numbers is selected, if the right numbers are hit, the jackpot is paid out. The competition is huge however so the more people play, the odds are lower. However, if you do win, you will still definitely win a lot more than a regular jackpot.

How do you win a progressive jackpot?

There are a number of ways a progressive jackpot can be won, the best way to choose which one is most suited for you is to simply look at your budget and how much time you want to invest in the jackpot. Ready to jump into the action? Here are the different ways a progressive jackpot can be won.

Playing the maximum stake

Everyone knows about betting stakes; the same goes for progressive jackpots and some of them work in a way where the slots will only let you win if you bet the highest stake. There are options for lower stakes of course, but that also means the jackpot is lower too and you’ll likely be missing out on that sweet, sweet progressive jackpot.

High stake progressive slots reward you with a chance of winning the very top prize every time you spin, as long as you are willing to play with the big bucks. Playing the maximum stake is as risky as it is rewarding. You put more money in but you do increase your chances of the big win a lot more. In many ways it’s a risk vs reward scenario, with the risk generally being worth it more often than not.

Winning a jackpot at random

A simple way of winning, this is a jackpot that’s awarded after a spin without needing to play bonus games or hit specific symbols. Although a lot of the times, you’ll have to bet the highest wager on offer to qualify for such a lucky win. That being said, winning at random certainly does have a certain charm to it, with progressive jackpot slots that truly are random and have less qualifying attributes to win the top prize having armies of fans.

Hitting symbol combinations

This is a simple and classic way of winning. Basically, hit certain symbols in a line (each machine is unique) and that line with those symbols will translate to a specific jackpot that will be paid out straight after the correct symbols are hit. While winning any amount on any slot game tends to be random, nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing those symbols line up and the cash fall – especially when it’s a progressive jackpot payday.

Playing a bonus game

Playing bonus games is mainly a feature in online casinos and it simply means the progressive slot will randomly offer you to play a bonus game, with it often linked to the game’s top prize. This can include playing cards or spinning a wheel. The bonus game will have its own jackpot and the winning numbers win the bonus game jackpot.

How do I know that a progressive jackpot slot is truly random?

There is only one answer here – random number generators (or RNGs as they are more commonly known). It’s important to note that all video slots are based on RNGs in order to give every player a fair chance at winning the jackpot. The same RNGs apply to progressive jackpot machines; they decide when a bonus game will be triggered or the jackpot itself. The unpredictable nature of RNGs makes the win even more exciting, and most importantly, truly random.

What is a must-drop progressive jackpot?

Must-drop jackpots are controlled by a strict deadline, which works great for the casinos as it means that when the time for the deadline approaches, more people are willing to try their luck at a particular progressive jackpot slot. This is good for the house and for the players, as more people spinning the reels means a bigger jackpot for everyone to play for.

Progressive jackpots can get huge; seven figures are not unheard of with progressive jackpot slots. The longer a jackpot goes unclaimed, the chance is the faster the figure will grow which will keep attracting more attention. Must-drop jackpots put a timeline on that win, which means that the cash has got to go!

What are the biggest progressive jackpot wins?

When you want to talk about the biggest progressive jackpot wins around, you have to head to the UK. Two big wins on progressive jackpots happened online on Mega Moolah, with a jackpot of £22.3 million in September 2018 and £21.1 million in October 2015. Yes, this huge game dished out two massive wins in a space of three years.

Although those figures are pleasing to anyone who happens to have them, physical casinos still pay out far more in progressive jackpots than online slots do. In 2003, a near $60 million was won by a young software engineer at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. 

In all three cases, the individuals spent spare change on their gamble, which is mind blowing considering they walked away from the game as multi-millionaires.

How to increase your chance of winning and top tips on progressive jackpot slot

The allure and chance of winning huge amounts of money make progressive jackpots super attractive to players, but they have the one obvious setback; the chances of hitting that jackpot are not always high.

Truthfully there is no single way of just winning the jackpot. It is well and truly a random encounter that will happen at an unpredictable moment. RNGs rule the roost when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, so you really are in the hands of fate for the most part.

But, that’s not to say that you can’t nudge the odds in your favour, if you pardon the pun. Everyone has their own way of playing and their own set of strategies and beliefs on how to bag a big win. 

The following tips are a lot more trustworthy than lucky charms however and could possibly help you spend less money and spend it in smarter ways on the top progressive slots around.

Stick by the biggest progressive jackpot slots

Although the odds of winning don’t actually go up as you play continuously, you are going to win a huge amount of money if you are lucky as time goes on, especially if you compare it to progressive slots with smaller top prizes. Definitely look for slots with a wide area that pool money from across numerous casinos, which greatly increases the jackpot. If you find a big prize, simply stick to it until it’s won rather than jumping different progressive jackpots. You won’t find much joy in the world of progressive jackpots if you hop from game to game.

There is a philosophy when it comes to progressive jackpot slots that all players should remember – go big or go home. Okay, that’s a bit of a cliché, but the statement does ring true here, push those small slots to one side and go for the big hitters.

Do your research and know what slot you’re playing – and know it well

There are guides upon guides out there written to make it more possible for you to win. A look into one of these guides however is just charts of numbers and mathematics and strategies that may make for a boring read, although a useful one. Your priority though, before getting into the maths, is to research the slot games that catch your eye and figure out which one will maximise your chance of winning a good amount of money. 

A huge factor in your winning efforts is finding out how much a casino makes from you in the long run as this greatly influences the odds of you winning a jackpot.  Choose your guides carefully; look into reviews and real-life success stories, and then choose a progressive jackpot slot to play from there. Remember, if you don’t understand how a slot game works you are more of less throwing money into the wind.

Be aware of cash out limits in the small print

Imagine it has finally happened; you’ve won the big jackpot and you’re planning your life ahead with no financial worries. Your dream holiday, dream home and dream car. Sound amazing doesn’t it, but some casinos come with a catch that they usually avoid telling you.

The catch is, some casinos give the jackpot as a monthly amount of money rather than paying out the sum all at once. This is important to think about before making any drastic decisions only to find out you have to wait a few months to afford something you already planned for. If this suits you fine, great, one less thing to worry about but if you prefer to have all your money withdrawn at once, make sure to read the small print and research your casino thoroughly.

Will you be the next big progressive jackpot winner?

Progressive jackpot slots are undoubtedly one of the most powerful casino games around. While many online casino games have the power to make players rich, progressive jackpot slots can make players wealthy. Now, not everyone will be a mega-jackpot winner, but it has to be someone, as these prizes all have to be won eventually. Take the information you’ve learned here today and press forward in search of the next mega-sized progressive jackpot.

And finally, good luck!

Last Updated on January 20, 2023